3-Frame Bundle - Modern 10” Digital Cloud Photo Frame with Wi-Fi
3-Frame Bundle - Modern 10” Digital Cloud Photo Frame with Wi-Fi
3-Frame Bundle - Modern 10” Digital Cloud Photo Frame with Wi-Fi
3-Frame Bundle - Modern 10” Digital Cloud Photo Frame with Wi-Fi
3-Frame Bundle - Modern 10” Digital Cloud Photo Frame with Wi-Fi
3-Frame Bundle - Modern 10” Digital Cloud Photo Frame with Wi-Fi

3-Frame Bundle - Modern 10” Digital Cloud Photo Frame with Wi-Fi

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NOTE: Pix-Star’s frames are delivered with a US plug type for any frame shipped within the US and Canada, and UK/EU plug type for frames shipped to European delivery addresses.

We DO NOT SHIP to PO-Box/FPO/DPO/APO addresses.

Why Choose the 3-Frame Set

  • Fantastic for families that live in different homes – especially if you want to get your grandparents involved and up-to-date
  • Save money on buying the frames individually. There are no recurring fees and no monthly or annual charges for unlocking all features or additional cloud storage
  • Control up to 25 frames from your user account through the web interface – including remote control support that lets you remotely change settings, start slideshows, manage the media gallery & storage, and more
  • Fully Wi-Fi and Cloud compatible with all the related features like weather, web radio & music, reminders & alerts, and more
  • Link all of your family’s frame with up to a dozen different social media and photo sharing platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Photos, and more

The Perfect Gift

Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your brother living in a different part of the country or your not-so-tech-savvy grandad – Pix-Star’s frame has a place for you. They’re especially great for elderly users that aren’t great with new devices.

Pix-Star’s frames have a nifty remote control feature that lets you take control of any frame connected to your account via the web interface. You have almost the same level of control you would if you were using the frame in person. You can easily and effortlessly start slideshows, manage the media gallery, update the frame’ firmware, and much more.

Large families also love our frames. With the ability to control up to 25 frames from a single user account, you have all the control and functionality you need to keep your family close and up-to-date. It’s super-quick and simple to link your photo albums from social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook, and photo sharing platforms such as Google Photos.

Once albums have been linked and synced to your frame, they’re automatically updated, making sure that your loved ones see new photos as soon as you add them to the linked albums. This web album feature is perfect for families that love to share photos, but often get lost or mixed up in the process.

Pix-Star makes it simple and seamless so that you can spend more time focusing on the things that matter most to you!


Maybe you’ve just run into an old friend at a supermarket, or you’re on an exotic beach and want to share the moment with your family. Simple get your phone out, open the Pix-Star Snap mobile app, and snap a quick picture. You can send this picture to multiple frames at the same time, and even select photos and other media from your phone’s gallery.

The mail-in function ensures you always have a way to instantly send media to your frame – no matter where you are. From USB/SD card support to a fluid and functional web interface, you have extensive control over how to send media to your Pix-Star frame.

The mobile app and web interface offer an excellent balance between features and ease of use. The web interface lets you manage and backup all of your frame’s content, making sure your precious memories are safe.

The web interface lets you manage your frame’s storage, start slideshows, create new folders, and easily organize your frame. It’s a life-saver if you don’t like doing more complex tasks directly on the frame. An intuitive design and easy-to-learn layout make managing your Pix-Star frame clean and effortless.

Multimedia playback and support lifts Pix-Star’s frame to new heights. You can instantly receive audio notes and video clips from your family members anywhere in the world. The mobile app offers the perfect interface for selecting videos and audio notes from your phone’s (or tablet’s) gallery. You can add more personality to how you use your frame to connect with your loved ones and put a bigger smile on their face.

Gorgeous Display

Pix-Star’s frames have beautiful displays. With a 1024x768 pixel resolution, a 4:3 aspect ratio, and 300cd/m² of brightness, the 10-inch screen offers an immersive and vivid viewing experience. On top of this, you can adjust color settings easily from the frame’s setting menu, including hue, saturation, and brightness. Getting the perfect picture to complement the room or setting has never been easier. Now it’s quick and simple to adjust washed-out skin tones or dull pictures.

You can easily switch between landscape and portrait modes. This adds a wonderful touch of versatility to how you can use the frame. Whether you’re sitting around a table and looking through pictures with your family, or want to mount the frame on the wall to display artwork – Pix-Star’s frame can do it!

Pix-Star frames have crisp displays that aren’t marred by oily fingerprints. The broad viewing angle and viewing distance make it a perfect frame for a wide variety of rooms and lighting situations. You can just as easily view a slideshow from across the room as you can huddling around the frame with your loved ones.

No Subscriptions

Pix-Star doesn’t charge any additional fees. Many competing and top frames use monthly or annual subscriptions to unlock features like video playback support, cloud storage, or certain features. With Pix-Star, everything comes fully unlocked and ready to go when you buy the frame.

Perhaps the best of these is Pix-Star’s free-for-life cloud storage. You get unlimited and secure cloud storage with every Pix-Star frame you buy. This is excellent for larger families as you can easily manage and backup all the frames connected to your user account via the intuitive web interface.

All features come fully functional and unlocked – no paywall or hidden fees. Video and audio are supported from the get-go and all the unique features such as the radio and weather apps and unlocked.

Offline Use

You can even use a Pix-Star frame offline thanks to each frame’s 8GB internal storage. This is enough for around 30,000 photos and is more than enough to hold all your precious memories and moments. This makes Pix-Star frames a well-suited choice for families that want to feel connected, but some members don’t have consistent or reliable internet access.

Every Pix-Star frame supports USB/SD cards. All you have to do is load your favorite pictures and videos onto the USB/SD card and insert it into the dedicated ports on the frame’s back-side, copy them to the frame’s storage, and enjoy.

On top of this, you can view all your web albums without needing an active Wi-Fi connection. Once you’ve linked and synced web albums, it’s saved to the frame’s internal storage for offline viewing. You’ll never be more than a few moments from your favorite memories – no matter where you are!



In this bundle each frame comes with it's own packaging (colour box) with all accessories inside, no need to purchase any extra accessories):

Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame
Remote Control with 2 AAA batteries 


AC Power Cord (worldwide compatible, input voltage from 100V up to 240 V)
Quick Start Guide
User Manual


More than 8000 reviews

Great and SUPER EASY digital frame!
This photo frame has brought me so much pleasure. My husband set it up and said the directions were simple and well written. We have sent hundreds of photos from my photo file and have not had one problem.
Emma L.
I love this frame! I bought it for my 88 year old mother. She has an older Sony digital frame, but I had to come into town with my laptop to load it and as a result the pictures were rarely updated. She is no longer able to work on a computer or use Facebook so she was feeling left out. This frame solved that!
Gabriel S.
FANTASTIC, displays images PERFECTLY!
We bought this as a gift to our parents who are somewhat technically challenged. The set up of the frame was super easy. It gives you an email address to send pictures to the frame. You can also go online and set up options... Super easy!
Alice B.
Cloud storage is free-for-life! Store all the photos you want. We’ve got you covered.

Intuitively manage cloud storage for individual frames or a group of connected frames via the web dashboard. It’s simple and always accessible.

Share Memories in an Instant with Pix-Star

| STEP 1
Send your favorite photos, videos & audio messages to your loved ones by e-mail, mobile app, or with our web dashboard.

With your Pix-Star frame, sending photos, videos & audio messages takes only 2-clicks. It’s simple & effortless!

| STEP 2
Your chosen recipient is notified in mere moments!

Your loved ones can experience these precious moments & memories right away! Sharing has never been easier.