5-Frame Bundle - Intelligent 15-Inch Digital Frame with Wi-Fi & Cloud
5-Frame Bundle - Intelligent 15-Inch Digital Frame with Wi-Fi & Cloud
5-Frame Bundle - Intelligent 15-Inch Digital Frame with Wi-Fi & Cloud
5-Frame Bundle - Intelligent 15-Inch Digital Frame with Wi-Fi & Cloud
5-Frame Bundle - Intelligent 15-Inch Digital Frame with Wi-Fi & Cloud
5-Frame Bundle - Intelligent 15-Inch Digital Frame with Wi-Fi & Cloud

5-Frame Bundle - Intelligent 15-Inch Digital Frame with Wi-Fi & Cloud

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NOTE: Pix-Star’s frames are delivered with a US plug type for any frame shipped within the US and Canada, and UK/EU plug type for frames shipped to European delivery addresses.

We DO NOT SHIP to PO-Box/FPO/DPO/APO addresses.

What Makes the Pix-Star Frame One of the Best?

  • Sleek and smooth user interface – Pix-Star frames are exceptionally easy to use and offer great versatility and functionality to all users, especially the elderly. Both the mobile app and user interface are accessible and optimized for a smooth experience
  • Rich feature set – Pix-Star frames come packed to the brim with useful features without getting clogged down or difficult to use. This is a difficult balance to strike and makes the Pix-Star frame stand out above the rest
  • No recurring fees – Pix-Star doesn’t charge any additional after-purchase monthly or annual fees to unlock specific features, functions, or additional cloud storage. Everything is free and unlocked from the moment you buy a Pix-Star frame
  • Convenience – Pix-Star offers one of the most convenient experiences when it comes to sending pictures, videos, and audio to one or multiple frames at the same time. From an intuitive mobile to web album compatibility, to USB/SD card support; Pix-Star makes sure you’re only a few moments away from sharing and viewing precious memories

A Digital Frame Built for Simplicity

Pix-Star’s frame is designed to offer maximum functionality without compromising on simplicity and ease of use. The user experience is at the center of what Pix-Star offers and you’ll find it an exceptionally convenient and effortless way to keep the family connected.

Pix-Star’s remote control feature lets you take control of a connected frame through the web interface from anywhere in the world. You can adjust settings, manage the frame’s storage, start slideshows, sync new web albums, and more. This makes the Pix-Star a fantastic choice for large families and for elderly users who aren’t very tech-savvy.

From the mobile app to the web interface, Pix-Star frames offer a smooth and accessible way to share and receive precious memories from the people that mean the most to you. You can send media to multiple frames at the same time, link several frames to the same web album, and easily manage up to 25 frames from a single user account.

Pix-Star’s unique balance between ease of use, versatility, and functionality gives it an edge over the rest of the pack. You’re never more than a few clicks or moments from your loved ones and staying connected and in touch has never been easier!

There Are No Subscriptions!

Unlike many of the other flagship digital frames on the market, Pix-Star doesn’t charge any additional or recurring fees. Several competing frames require monthly or annual subscriptions to unlock features like video support or to fully utilize the mobile app. Pix-Star sets itself apart in making one of its best features unlimited and free-for-life – cloud storage!

You get full access to unlimited cloud storage the moment you buy a Pix-Star frame. This lets you keep your memories safe for as long as you need them. You also get full access to all that cloud capability enables, including web albums, remote control functionality, managing frames through the web interface, and more.

Pix-Star’s approach is to bring you maximum value while making sure you have a fluid and functional frame that quickly becomes an important part of your family.

Web Albums Have Never Been Simpler

Web albums are photos you keep on your favorite social media and photo-sharing platforms such as Instagram, Google Photos, Facebook, and more. With most digital frames, you need to manually download and send these photos to the frame.

Pix-Star has taken this function and made it as simple and automated as possible. You can link any connected frame to social media and photo-sharing platforms including Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, Flickr, and many more. The photos in these linked albums are automatically synced to and saved on your frame (or multiple connected frames).

With Pix-Star, synced albums are saved to the frame’s internal storage and can be viewed offline. Every time new photos are added to any connected platform, they’ll be automatically synced and updated to any connected frame.

It’s an excellent feature for large families and saves you all the time and frustration of gathering all the photos after each trip and manually sending them to everybody. Now you just need to upload to your favorite social media platforms, link the album to as many frames as you’d like, and sit back as Pix-Star takes care of the rest. It’s one of the simplest and most effortless ways to keep your family close and connected – making sure the people you care about most never miss another precious memory.

Loads of Customizations

With Pix-Star’s frames, you have plenty of creative control over how you want to display photos and other media. Slideshows can be set to follow specific display orders including showing new photos from the past “x” number of days more frequently (or exclusively). You can also randomize all the photos on the frame, select specific albums to play from, display web albums along with pictures from other sources, and much more.

Getting the perfect display every time has never been easier as you can quickly adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness to match the mood. It’s quick and simple to make your photos and videos jump to life more vivid and clear than ever before.

Managing your Pix-Star frame’s media library is just as effortless. You can perform individual and bulk actions directly on the frame including moving photos between folders, creating new folders, deleting unwanted photos, and much more. It’s even easier to get done via the web interface and offers a far more convenient and familiar process.

The combination of Pix-Star’s robust feature set, customizability, ease of use, and value for money gives you an exceptionally smooth experience that’s hard to beat. You’ll find your Pix-Star frame quickly earns a special place in your family, helping you stay better connected and savoring special memories with your loved ones!


In this bundle each frame comes with it's own packaging (colour box) with all accessories inside, no need to purchase any extra accessories):

Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame
Remote Control with 2 AAA batteries 


AC Power Cord (worldwide compatible, input voltage from 100V up to 240 V)
Quick Start Guide
User Manual

More than 8000 reviews

Great and SUPER EASY digital frame!
This photo frame has brought me so much pleasure. My husband set it up and said the directions were simple and well written. We have sent hundreds of photos from my photo file and have not had one problem.
Emma L.
I love this frame! I bought it for my 88 year old mother. She has an older Sony digital frame, but I had to come into town with my laptop to load it and as a result the pictures were rarely updated. She is no longer able to work on a computer or use Facebook so she was feeling left out. This frame solved that!
Gabriel S.
FANTASTIC, displays images PERFECTLY!
We bought this as a gift to our parents who are somewhat technically challenged. The set up of the frame was super easy. It gives you an email address to send pictures to the frame. You can also go online and set up options... Super easy!
Alice B.
Cloud storage is free-for-life! Store all the photos you want. We’ve got you covered.

Intuitively manage cloud storage for individual frames or a group of connected frames via the web dashboard. It’s simple and always accessible.

Share Memories in an Instant with Pix-Star

| STEP 1
Send your favorite photos, videos & audio messages to your loved ones by e-mail, mobile app, or with our web dashboard.

With your Pix-Star frame, sending photos, videos & audio messages takes only 2-clicks. It’s simple & effortless!

| STEP 2
Your chosen recipient is notified in mere moments!

Your loved ones can experience these precious moments & memories right away! Sharing has never been easier.