Top-Selling 10” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Top-Selling 10” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Top-Selling 10” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Top-Selling 10” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Top-Selling 10” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Top-Selling 10” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Top-Selling 10” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Top-Selling 10” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Top-Selling 10” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Top-Selling 10” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame

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NOTE: Pix-Star’s frames are delivered with a US plug type for any frame shipped within the US and Canada, and UK/EU plug type for frames shipped to European delivery addresses.

We DO NOT SHIP to PO-Box/FPO/DPO/APO addresses.

Why Choose Pix-Star?

  • Breathtaking high-resolution 1024x768 pixel display; with 300cd/m² of brightness, and a functional 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Wi-Fi enabled with a dedicated email address for each frame that’s quick and easy to set up in a few minutes
  • Free-for-life cloud storage, no recurring monthly or annual fees, no paywalls, no hidden costs
  • Rich and robust feature set including weather & radio, brain games, alarms & reminders, a motion sensor with auto-on/off function, hand-held remote control, and more…
  • Intuitive and expertly designed user interface, web interface, and mobile app (Android and iOS) for quick and simple frame and storage management, bulk actions, and sending media to multiple frames at the same time
  • Remotely control a connected frame from anywhere in the world via the web interface, and link and manage up to 25 frames from a single user account
  • Link, sync, and display photo albums from almost a dozen social media and photo sharing platforms including Google Photos, Google Drive, Flickr, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more…

Wi-Fi Capable

Pix-Star’s 10-inch digital frame makes sure nothing goes to waste. By making full use of its Wi-Fi capability, you get a frame that’s exceptionally convenient and superbly versatile. Want to quickly send a pic of you and your family on the beach to your family back home? Just whip out your phone, take a picture through the Pix-Star Snap mobile app, and send it to multiple frames at once – it’s that easy!

Full Wi-Fi compatibility means you’re never more than a few moments away from sharing special moments with your loved ones. Media can be sent in several different ways thanks to a fluid mobile app & web interface, a dedicated email address, USB/SD card support, and web album compatibility. You don’t need to stress over lost memory cards, messy phone galleries, or spending hours making sure everyone in the family sees the pictures.

Each frame can be remotely controlled via the web interface. This means you can help grandma set up her frame, start slideshows, download new pictures, link to multiple social media albums, update the frame’s firmware, and more – from anywhere in the world. It’ll be like you were there in person! No more frustrating video calls and no more wasted time.

Wi-Fi capability breathes new life into the Pix-Star frame’s robust feature set. From viewing the weather and listening to the radio, to sending and receiving video clips and audio notes, the Pix-Star frame quickly becomes an invaluable part of family life. The Pix-Star frame’s rich feature set is designed to enable and support you – keeping you connected and in touch with your loved ones.

Imagine being able to share your most precious memories with the people you care about most in just a few moments! You can connect multiple frames to a single account and set them to automatically sync and display new photos - giving you the freedom to live in the moment and know that your loved ones aren’t missing a beat!

Cloud Compatible

Free cloud storage for life! That’s not something you hear very often in the digital frame sphere and is one of the reasons the Pix-Star frame shines above the rest. There are no hidden monthly or annual fees to add more cloud storage to your account – it comes unlimited and free-for-life when you buy a Pix-Star frame.

Your media is automatically backed up and stored in the cloud to make sure your precious memories get the security they deserve. The cloud is extremely secure and easily managed through the web interface. You can easily create new folders, manage your media gallery, and more, with bulk actions and a smooth user interface.

Cloud compatibility also unleashes the power of web albums. You can link your frame to photo-sharing platforms like Google Photos, and up to a dozen others. This link lets you sync, download, and display selected albums from the connected accounts on your frame (or multiple frames).

Pix-Star frames can be set to automatically download and display photos that have been recently added to the connected social media accounts. You can connect all the family’s frames to the same account to make sure everybody gets the latest photos moments after they’re added. No more endless social media tagging sprees or tirelessly hunting down everyone’s photos. Now it’s automatic, simple, and so straightforward your grandpa can do it.

Web albums are easily connected, managed, and controlled through the intuitive web interface. On top of this, they’re saved to the frame’s internal storage and can be viewed offline. Web albums and cloud compatibility launch the Pix-Star frame to the peak of digital frame performance – and it won’t cost you a cent extra!

Great for Grandparents

Pix-Star’s frames have been designed with the not-so-tech-savvy user in mind. Grandparents love our frames and it’s easy to see why. Menus are shallow and you’re never more than a couple of clicks away from the home screen. There are no confusing and complex touchscreens interfaces – but rather a smooth and well-refined user-centered interface.

This ease of use carries through to the mobile app and web interface. We know your grandparents probably aren’t keen to get lost trying to create new slideshows or sync new content. This is where the remote control feature comes in clutch. You can take control of any frame linked to your user account. From here you can manage almost every setting you’d be able to change in-person; including starting slideshows, creating and deleting folders/content, and much more.

Pix-Star’s frames are a go-to gift idea for big families spread all over the place, and families that want their elderly members involved. There’s nothing more special than putting a huge smile on grandma’s face as she browses through all the newly added pictures of her grandson!

Pix-Star frames strike an excellent balance between being easy to use and still offering exceptional functionality and versatility for the more tech-familiar user. With Pix-Star’s frames there’s a place for everyone in the family – and staying connected and in touch has never been easier.

Quick & Easy Setup

Simplicity is at the core of every Pix-Star frame. We know that setting up new technology can be frustrating, especially for elderly users. The Pix-Star setup process is quick and clean, taking only a few minutes to get through. Connecting to Wi-Fi for the first time is seamless and the frame is ready to display in no time.

The mobile app and web interface are just as easy to set up and log in to. You’ll be ready to send media to up to 25 connected frames in no time, making sure you can spend the extra moments creating special memories with your loved ones.

The remote control that comes with the frame is tactile and responsive. It makes navigating the frame’s interface even easier – plus you can do it all from the comfort of your sofa. Pix-Star invented the “frame with an email address” concept and have poured our heart and soul into making our frames as convenient and simple as possible.

Unbeatable Viewing Experience

Pix-Star shines through the herd with its stunning and crisp display. With customizable color saturation and hue settings, along with brightness control, you can get the perfect picture every time! Pix-Star’s 10” frame has a brilliantly bright 300cd/m² display to bring you the best viewing angle and experience possible.

Multimedia support is the icing on the cake and adds a whole new realm of possibility. You can send audio notes and video clips to reach out to your loved ones in a way that pictures can’t. The gorgeous 1024x768 display has a versatile 4:3 aspect ratio – perfect for a combination of photo and video playback.

The excellent display is combined with a high level of control over how you’d media to be displayed on the frame (frequency, speed, style, and much more). Slideshow settings are easily adjustable to make sure you see your photos and videos just you want them!

Imagine sitting around a table with your family and friends after dinner, browsing through photos from a recent trip – or reminiscing over old pictures. The broad viewing angle means nobody is left out, and you don’t need to stand directly in front of the frame to see the display.

Thin bezels and a high screen-to-body ratio further immerse you in the viewing experience - you’ll never feel more than a heartbeat away from the people that matter most to you!


Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame
Remote Control with 2 AAA batteries 


AC Power Cord (worldwide compatible, input voltage from 100V up to 240 V)
Quick Start Guide
User Manual

More than 8000 reviews

Great and SUPER EASY digital frame!
This photo frame has brought me so much pleasure. My husband set it up and said the directions were simple and well written. We have sent hundreds of photos from my photo file and have not had one problem.
Emma L.
I love this frame! I bought it for my 88 year old mother. She has an older Sony digital frame, but I had to come into town with my laptop to load it and as a result the pictures were rarely updated. She is no longer able to work on a computer or use Facebook so she was feeling left out. This frame solved that!
Gabriel S.
FANTASTIC, displays images PERFECTLY!
We bought this as a gift to our parents who are somewhat technically challenged. The set up of the frame was super easy. It gives you an email address to send pictures to the frame. You can also go online and set up options... Super easy!
Alice B.
Cloud storage is free-for-life! Store all the photos you want. We’ve got you covered.

Intuitively manage cloud storage for individual frames or a group of connected frames via the web dashboard. It’s simple and always accessible.

Share Memories in an Instant with Pix-Star

| STEP 1
Send your favorite photos, videos & audio messages to your loved ones by e-mail, mobile app, USB, SD card, or with our online dashboard.

With your Pix-Star frame, sending photos, videos & audio messages takes only 2-clicks. It’s simple & effortless!

| STEP 2
Your chosen recipient is notified in mere moments!

Your loved ones can experience these precious moments & memories right away! Sharing has never been easier.