Premium 15” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Premium 15” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Premium 15” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Premium 15” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Premium 15” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Premium 15” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Premium 15” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Premium 15” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame
Premium 15” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Premium 15” Wi-Fi & Cloud Digital Photo Frame

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NOTE: Pix-Star’s frames are delivered with a US plug type for any frame shipped within the US and Canada, and UK/EU plug type for frames shipped to European delivery addresses.

We DO NOT SHIP to PO-Box/FPO/DPO/APO addresses.

Why The Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame Worth It?

  • Smooth user interface and easy-to-use features make the Pix-Star frame an excellent choice for elderly users and large families. Features like remote control capability launch Pix-Star’s frame to new heights and give you plenty to control
  • No additional costs – Pix-Star doesn’t charge any recurring annual or monthly fees to unlock features or get access to cloud storage; it’s all free-for-life when you buy a Pix-Star frame
  • Broad and versatile set of features ranging from web radio & music to brain games & alerts/reminders. Pix-Star’s frames have everything they need to become an invaluable part of family life
  • Effortless photo sharing and linking to social media albums and photo sharing platforms takes a lot of the stress off you. Each frame can be set to automatically update and download new pictures from linked albums – keeping everyone in the family up to date.
  • Extensive offline use is possible thanks to the 8GB internal storage. You can view web albums you’ve already synced, start slideshows, manage the frame’s storage, and much more – without needing an active Wi-Fi connection

Captivating Display

Pix-Star’s 15-inch digital frame is an aesthetic head-turner. Its high screen-to-body ratio and brilliant display make the frame sleek and attractive. The high-resolution 1024x768 display is immersive, with a broad viewing angle and enough brightness to fit perfectly into brightly lit rooms.

The aspect ratio is essential when it comes to the viewing experience. There’s nothing worse than seeing your favorite photos encase by black boxes because they don’t match the frame’s aspect ratio. This is why Pix-Star’s frames use a 4:3 aspect ratio. It offers the best balance between photo and video playback – making sure your photos are full of life and their full potential displayed.

Pix-Star’s 15-inch frame has a fantastically bright screen that breathes new life into your photos and videos. With adjustable brightness up to 350cd/m², you can put it in any room – and even leave it displaying outdoors during a family BBQ for all to see. The broad viewing angle is well suited to both wall mounts and when rested on a table or mantelpiece.

Not many frames in the digital frame market can boast a 15-inch display. Pix-Star’s 15-inch frame is just as functional as it is large. It offers an even more immersive experience that’s designed to pull you in and make you forget you’re looking at a screen. It’s the perfect frame for elderly users who don’t have great eyesight, large families, and for filling up large rooms.

Whether you’re looking for a personal immersive experience or a frame for your family to huddle around, Pix-Star’s 15-inch frame has what you need!

Free-for-Life Cloud Storage

Unlike many competing frames, Pix-Star’s frames have no recurring monthly or annual fees. Everything comes unlocked and ready to go when you buy a Pix-Star frame. The stand-out free-for-life feature here is cloud storage and cloud compatibility - features that are frequently locked behind a paywall with many digital frames.

You get full and unlimited access to cloud storage and all of the related functionality. All of the media on your frame is backed up on the cloud and can even be exported to your computer’s local storage for further safekeeping.

Display Social Media Albums

Thanks to cloud compatibility, you can benefit from web albums. These albums are linked and synced from up to a dozen social media and photo-sharing platforms – and saved to your frame for offline viewing. It’s all done in a couple of quick and easy steps via the web interface. This means you can link and connect your frame to several family members photo sharing platforms like Google Photos, and even to a handful of cloud storage platforms like Dropbox. You can also link a single account to multiple frames to make sure everyone in the family sees your new pictures as soon as you upload them.

You can view all the photos in these albums directly on your frame. Once you’ve synced the albums, they’re saved to your frame’s internal storage and can be viewed offline. This is perfect for families that don’t meet up often or don’t live nearby. Your grandparents don’t need to wait for you to manually send photos to their frame, or to stop by and drop off a USB/SD card with the most recent family memories.

Web albums keep your family effortlessly connected all the time. Every time you add new photos to the linked social media/photo sharing site’s album, the new photos are automatically downloaded and displayed on your frame. Grandparents aren’t left out, and distant family members will feel like they’re right in the mix of things again.

Customizable Slideshows

Pix-Star frames are incredibly versatile when it comes to choosing how media is displayed on your frame. To get the perfect picture every time, you can easily adjust the frame's hue and saturation – tailoring the display to your unique taste and style. Tired of seeing washed-out skin tones or overly warm landscapes? It’s an easy fix on your Pix-Star frame and can even be done remotely through the web interface.

Unlike many other digital frames on the market, Pix-Star frames let you control how frequently you see new pictures. You can set the frame to show pictures and videos from the past “x” number of days more frequently (or exclusively). Combine this with fine control over the slideshow’s speed and style and you’ve got everything you need.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or outdoor BBQ, Pix-Star’s frame has customizations to cater to your needs.

Each frame comes with a respectable 8GB of internal storage so that you can view all your photos, videos, and audio notes offline. You can add pictures from your web albums synced from social media accounts into slideshows, making sure that no pictures are left out. You have plenty of creative control and above all – it’s exceptionally easy to use directly on the frame or through the web interface.

Robust and Simple Features

Pix-Star’s 15” frame is known for its robust and rich feature set. These frames are one of the most versatile and functional on the market – all without charging additional or recurring fees. You get a fully unlocked frame packed with easy-to-use features and functions. You can receive pictures from family members and friends in an instant thanks to the exquisite mobile app and mail-in feature.

Despite having a broad range of capabilities, Pix-Star’s frames are easy to use and great for elderly users and people who aren’t tech-savvy. Whether you’re sending pictures through the mobile app or going old school and sending them via email, Pix-Star frames have got you covered.

There are a plethora of ways to send media to your frame. The mobile app has been expertly designed for a smooth and fluid user experience. All it takes is a couple of presses and clicks and you can share in-the-moment precious memories with your loved ones. Perhaps the best feature is the ability to send the same pictures to multiple frames at the same time – made even easier as the mobile app remembers who you send to. This makes keeping your family and friends up-to-date as smooth and effortless as possible; giving you time to live in the moment and make more memories.

From weather & radio, brain games, alerts & reminders, and more – it’s tough to find a digital frame with more versatility and functionality than the Pix-Star. Multimedia playback support and inbuilt speakers immerse you in special audio notes and video clips from your loved ones. You’ll feel closer and can join them later in reliving many precious memories.

Pix-Star frames can be controlled remotely via the web interface. This incredibly useful feature is perfect for large families that are scattered all over the country/world, and for elderly users that aren’t very tech-savvy. You can take control of the frame, create slideshows, manage the frame’s storage, change almost any setting, update firmware, and more. You essentially have the same level of control as if you were using the frame in person. This wipes away the frustration of having to teach your grandma how to use the frame over the phone and saves them the effort.

Pix-Star’s digital frames are designed and crafted with you and your needs in mind. The whole process is built around bringing you the most robust feature set possible – without all the added complexity, costs, and headaches. You’ll learn and master the frame in no time – and it will quickly earn its place in your family’s life!


Pix-Star Digital Photo Frame
Remote Control with 2 AAA batteries 


AC Power Cord (worldwide compatible, input voltage from 100V up to 240 V)
Quick Start Guide
User Manual

More than 8000 reviews

Great and SUPER EASY digital frame!
This photo frame has brought me so much pleasure. My husband set it up and said the directions were simple and well written. We have sent hundreds of photos from my photo file and have not had one problem.
Emma L.
I love this frame! I bought it for my 88 year old mother. She has an older Sony digital frame, but I had to come into town with my laptop to load it and as a result the pictures were rarely updated. She is no longer able to work on a computer or use Facebook so she was feeling left out. This frame solved that!
Gabriel S.
FANTASTIC, displays images PERFECTLY!
We bought this as a gift to our parents who are somewhat technically challenged. The set up of the frame was super easy. It gives you an email address to send pictures to the frame. You can also go online and set up options... Super easy!
Alice B.
Cloud storage is free-for-life! Store all the photos you want. We’ve got you covered.

Intuitively manage cloud storage for individual frames or a group of connected frames via the web dashboard. It’s simple and always accessible.

Share Memories in an Instant with Pix-Star

| STEP 1
Send your favorite photos, videos & audio messages to your loved ones by e-mail, mobile app, USB, SD card, or with our online dashboard.

With your Pix-Star frame, sending photos, videos & audio messages takes only 2-clicks. It’s simple & effortless!

| STEP 2
Your chosen recipient is notified in mere moments!

Your loved ones can experience these precious moments & memories right away! Sharing has never been easier.