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Great and SUPER EASY digital frame!
This photo frame has brought me so much pleasure. My husband set it up and said the directions were simple and well written. We have sent hundreds of photos from my photo file and have not had one problem.
Emma L.
I love this frame! I bought it for my 88 year old mother. She has an older Sony digital frame, but I had to come into town with my laptop to load it and as a result the pictures were rarely updated. She is no longer able to work on a computer or use Facebook so she was feeling left out. This frame solved that!
Gabriel S.
FANTASTIC, displays images PERFECTLY!
We bought this as a gift to our parents who are somewhat technically challenged. The set up of the frame was super easy. It gives you an email address to send pictures to the frame. You can also go online and set up options... Super easy!
Alice B.

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Pix-Star Universal Remote Control
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Attachable Stand
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Metal Peg Stand for Pix-Star (Frames Sold before Nov 2015)

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12V AC Power Adapter for 15-Inch & 10.4-Inch Frames (Sold after Nov 2015)

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5V AC Power Adapter for 10-Inch & 10.4-Inch Pix-Star Frames

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10.1 Inches Pix-Star Touch Easy to Use Tablet

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